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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sorry for the Hiatus

I still don't believe in god, and I'm too busy to write about how much it still sickens me to live in a world full of fantasy filled weirdo's.

Oh one thing though...Did you hear about Tim Tebow's "purity ring?" Not only does he cry at football games where he is the number one quarterback in the nation but he's also a virgin in the name of god. I'll exclude further ridicule here.

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  1. Forgiven...

    I am glad your back. I wanted to ask about your thoughts regarding E.O. Wilson's perception of the human dilemma in his book "On Human Nature."

    First: There is no particular place to go. There does not appear to be any transcendental objective of the species. Beyond the hope of a stable economy and a sustainable relationship with our ecosystem, what energies can be focused on the realization of fulfillment , Is there a danger an accepting we are devoid of any "purpose" ?

    Second: Once accepted that morality is a kind of subjective manifestation of our biology and evolution of the brain, then science may soon be in a position to guide ethical premises that determine future human values and political policy. Is there any danger an allowing empirical observations and measurements influence the "progress" of humanity?

    Lastly, I get lost in the romanticism sometimes of the mysteries of life. Do you find it fascinating in a way, that the laws of physics set in motion billions of years ago resulted in an evolved consciousness capable of understanding its own dimensions? There is a default line of thought in the "anthropic principle" here, but its more fascinating as an imponderable.