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Monday, November 30, 2009

Militant Atheism

I just read the CNN article suggested by my brother. "Darwin and the Case for Militant Atheism."


Richard Dawkins continues to be the champion of outspoken Atheism but he raises some good points in this article/interview.

First and foremost I am glad that I'm not the only one who recognizes that Atheism and Religion can't really coexist and shouldn't. In a world that is rapidly facing real consequences of action, having a majority of the population base their reality off of a sky god is simply the greatest injustice for the survival of a homeostatic population of homeosapiens on the planet.

Dawkins: Evolution is almost universally accepted among those who understand it, almost universally rejected by those who don't.

This point is backed up by study. The more education a person has the more likely they are to recognize its reality, and less religious they are. Biblical literalism is possibly one of the most debilitating mental deficiencies American's could contract. I say contract because religion is a mental virus that prays on the youth.

Dawkins: "We are survival machines -- robot vehicles blindly programmed to preserve the selfish molecules known as genes."

People just don't want to believe that we are actually expressions of cooperating genes and not the product of some sky hero that controls all matter time and space. once you begin to understand how you fit into the real world, you can begin to live a life of logical reasoning (and satisfaction), while still enjoying emotions, sentiment, and dualistic ideas as is your evolutionary birthrite as a human, it doesn't mean you should base your reality off of it. But a true understanding of Darwinian evolution by natural selection is one of the most destructive ideas to religion because it renders biblical literalism completely ridiculous.

Where this is all going is to simply agree with the artical in its call for all Atheists to stand up and be proud, you are right and also you are part of the solution.

Like the article says, Great Britain has Darwin on the face of their money, and America has "In God We Trust." At fourteen percent, Atheists are on the rise, help educate the believers to evolve beyond it.!


  1. Kale,

    Have you been hearing Kirk Cameron's name a lot lately? I know he has been an advocate for Jesus for awhile, but it seems like I have been exposed to him, and his ridiculous outlook, a lot lately.
    ie: Youtube- Kirk Cameron Gets Owned by informed UCLA Student
    Youtube- Howard Stern comments on Kirk Cameron
    Google- Kirk Cameron and the "Crocoduck"

    Oh Michael Seaver, what have you done now? He is a gift to your side brother, a gift from.....Darwin.

  2. oh my god hal, amazing.

    I've known about this dooooooschbag for a while but this is more than I could have imagined. He typifies all the stupidest reasoning of biblical literalists.

    If there is a god then why would he allow such a farking idiot to be out there totally sucking ass at defending him...thank god for kirk cameron being a moron.

    I want to watch the Bill O'Reilly vs. Richard Dawkins debate now.

  3. I was introduced to your blog by a FB friend of yours (and my husband). I have been an atheist since I can remember--something my snarky in-laws have attributed to my lack of proper religious indoctrination (my parents took me to just about every religious institution they could while I was growing up and left the ultimate decision up to me). I have literally watched friendships dissolve because I am not Christian. It's been quite a challenge even with my pseudo-Christian husband. He tends just not to talk about it because things get ugly and fast.

    I guess my point is that I think it's awesome that you're out there like this. I wish I had that kind of courage. While I certainly don't make any bones about what I do and do not believe, I've spent a lot of time trying not to step on anyone's toes. Stupid me, huh? Kudos to you, dude!

  4. I think that 'militant atheism' is almost as extreme a posture as 'biblical literalism.'

  5. accept that militant atheism is trying to get people to think rationally and logically and to assess reality for themselves and biblical literalism is a product of indoctrination and brainwashing of unsuspecting idiots that now believe the earth is 2000 years old and that the son of a sky god was born from a virgin, and that all the animals on the planet were saved by noah on a giant boat...I can go on, the end product of becoming an atheist is that you assess the world and your situation and make a decision for yourself, the end product of christianity is that you make decisions and choices based on a mythical creature.