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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Request to Post

Thank you friend of the non believers for inspiring yet another post.

Today's focus, faith as utter stupidity.

Many so called "enlightened" believers will say that they don't believe in literal religious text interpretation and that they believe in God but not in the literal translation of the bible because its not realistic. I love that you can pick and choose that no the earth isn't X years old, and no not all animal species come from Noah's Ark, but the stuff about the Virgin giving birth to the Son of an Un-seeable sky man who we only know through people's delusions is real. The picking and choosing is ridiculous because Christians/Religious people make assessments everyday on what to believe or not. They will believe that the H1N1 vaccine will protect them but not in the fact that the only reason we contracted the Virus is because it evolved. They will believe that God cured their cancer but no that the medicine they took was developed by people operating under the evolutionary laws of biology/anatomy/physiology training and education.

So I guess believing in God and his power is really about choice in believing in whatever you want to fit your situation. (Unless you grew up in a super religious family and had no choice and were brainwashed for life then you have no choice until someone demonstrates reality for you.)

I think that this is really refreshing because it means that the people who believe whatever they want and I aren't separated by all that much. They choose to believe in things that are ridiculous logically and by so doing rationalize the world around them in said context. I choose to believe in something based on data, study and collaboration of the global community of people who analyze and test said theories of other people.

SO Christians, you and are aren't so different we both believe, you in whatever degree of ridiculous you see fit at the time needed and I the always debatable and testable explanations reached by thousands/millions of people worldwide to an exacting degree of certainty.


MARK COLVIN: For nearly three decades, opinion pollsters have been asking Americans whether they believe in the literal truth of the Bible's creation story.

Asked whether God created human beings pretty much in their present form sometime in the last 10,000 years, more than four in every 10 Americans say yes - most recently in a national survey last year.

And yet every year carbon dating produces more evidence that humans have been around for far longer than that and palaeontologists produce more fossil evidence showing how we evolved from apes.

Since the discovery of DNA in the 1950s, even more evidence has been added to the theory of evolution, yet creationism and its sibling, intelligent design, are in some places stronger than ever.

Kale Iverson::::::

Ah America, gotta love it. 40% of American believe God created the world ten thousandish years ago in their present form. Awesome. Way to go Intelligent Design and Creationists, you will always have a chunk of people to give you money every sunday for sitting them in a room and telling them about a fictional man that doesn't exist. Its money for nothing, the perfect business model.

Imagine a hot ad executive going in to NBC or Nabisco or Ford with this sales pitch.

AD EXEC: "We are very excited to unveil our new product line for you this year. Our business model is as follows. Build a building with lots of seating, nay build many buildings all over the nation, invite people there every sunday, hire a man to interpret a book from 2000 plus years ago that is the same story as a book from 6000 years ago about man that biologically couldn't exist and is the son of a sky man that watches us all and at the end of every sunday session tell the people to donate money to the cause of the impossible man and his sky dad.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Whats the catch, what service do they get? Where does the profit go?

AD EXEC: Well that's the beauty of the system. Once you scare the stupid people into believing that if they piss off the sky dad and his impossible son bad things will happen to them you can make all your overhead as you go along and keep the profit. But,in reality the money goes to a national organization of other ancient book interpreters and then sent to a bank account where it can be invested and used on the open stock trade and real estate. And we all know that's where the money is.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS: If only enough Americans were dumb enough to believe this we'd be rich.

AD EXEC: Well 40% of American already do. We just need to come up with a more intriguing, older, more impossible son of sky dad-ish version to capitalize a corner of the market.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Like the Mormon's Did?

AD EXEC: Exactly.

Hope that'll tide ya over.

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  1. Thank you!

    I very much appreciate the time you take to point out the disconnect between what people choose to believe as miracles and what they choose to believe as matter-of-fact according to the laws of the universe. Great observations, keep 'em coming.