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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Response to Blog Comment

COMMENT: "Maybe people get "seriously offended" because the things your say are offensive. Arguing your stance on Atheism does not mean you have to bash other peoples beliefs. ASSuming you know so much about what religious people think is extremely steriotypical and close minded of you. I would think that an intelligent, diverse person such as yourself would be able to be more accepting of others peoples diverse thought. Not to mention that you are arguing two very different points, the first of having the ability to think logically using reason and the second is having faith in a purpose greater than your own little bubble. It is possible to have BOTH skill sets. Let me give you an example that you may be able to appreciate from the perspective of an artist....a composer could write a piece of music that on paper logically should be a beautiful piece, but if the person performing that piece is not passionate about playing the music, it doesnt matter how great the composition was.

As a Christian, I often encounter people who are completely against evolution (or even science in general) because they think it goes against religion...it doesnt. It is just that those people dont know enough about evolution to see how it fits with their religious belief. They are ignorant when it comes to evolution and I always suggest to those people that they learn more about it. I would say the same is true for you, but in reverse. You ASSume that the two pieces (logic and faith) dont fit together, but in fact they do. Based on what you have said here on the blog and conversations that we've had, I would say that you are ignorant of how Christian faith works (I cannot speak for other religions) and you should learn more about it. By continuing to so venomously defend your position against "religios nuts", you are starting to sound like one..."an anti-religious nut"

I also agree with the things brooke said.

there is so much more I could say, but this will have to be it...

October 28, 2009 9:48 PM

Blogger Kale Iverson said...

ok Lish,

I refuse to try and think like a religious person because that would mean that I believe in a supernatural force that exists outside the laws of reason and evidence (which I think evidence will show that the fact that we even believe in a greater purpose is part of our adapted evolution).

Secondly I think its unfair to assume I don't accept other people's thoughts. I accept christian thought, I have to. I live in a world of christian thinking. That doesn't mean I have to like it. If that makes me an anti religious nut then fine. But you know there were other people that didn't accept tyrannical thoughts about racism, sexism, homophobia. But because those are bodily things people eventually understood. I'm saying that religion is just as much a biological function as skin color, sex, and sexual preference.

Also, I respectfully decline to agree with you about the piece of music and the performer being a valid comparison to this. If a performer performs a piece EXACTLY how it is composed then the passion of the composer should shine through. This is a pretty weak comparison of logical thinking and purpose of something greater.

Additionally, I think logical thinking and faith can coexist on many levels in many ways. Like you and Brooke I know many smart, logical religious people, but when it comes down to it, here are certain points in which faith directly goes in the face of logic, reason, evidence and science. So while a religious person might not be an illogical thinker all the time, some of the premises of their reality are based on illogical tenets.

From this, I would like to invite you to explain exactly how religious beliefs and evolution fit together. Evolution can account for all the apparent "design" of living things but it doesn't address the cosmos outside of earth as well. So if you would like to talk physics you might have a better shot.

Evolution as you know is a simple process that states how all living things came to be based on natural selection. Religion no matter how you slice it says that God created everything. Think of the eye. An amazingly complex organ that most people would say is too complex to evolve on its own, therefore it must have been god. We know that it did evolve and can prove it with evidence. NOW if your God created everything it/he/she must be complex to control all the particles, thoughts and movement in the universe. Complexity doesn't arise spontaneously so who did your god evolve from. Additionally who created your god? When does this stop?

I'm not even trying to attack the teachings of jesus alisha. I'll give that to all of you that he said some good things. Some bad things too. Christianity as a philosophy has many helpful and endearing qualities. But as a reality and a basis for understanding reality it has many holes. Many holes that leave people looking for answers. If they can't or don't want to find the answers this is where faith comes in. Fine. Have faith. I don't care.

In fact at the moment I don't particularly care what anyone thinks. Go to church I'm done.

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