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Thursday, October 29, 2009

I am an Atheist

Since writing about Atheism on my regular blog seems to piss them off I have decided to start a different blog just for these topics that way if some person comes to the "Out of the Closet Atheist" blog then they have no excuse for being pissed off.

Sitting quietly in America as an Atheist in secret has gone on far too long and its time for reason and science to show people how to rationally approach understanding the world around us and making logical choices.

Hi, my name is Kale Iverson and I am proud to be an Atheist.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Kale--I think this is cool that you are finding a place to articulate your beliefs in an (hopefully) friction-free zone. I'm definitely curious about why anybody believes what they believe so I hope that you don't think I was upset by your comments (although I definitely disagreed with your broad generalizations about Christian theology).

    Can I offer a suggestion for your next post?

    It's clear that you aren't JUST opposed to organized religion--you absolutely think that any belief in an all-powerful deity is preposterous.

    Given that, I wonder how you might respond to the argument that even apart from religion, almost everybody believes in SOMETHING irrational.

    I don't mean a Santa Claus or Easter Bunny thing--I mean that we as human beings generally tend to be relentlessly optimistic, believing that we'll find true love, that we'll get married and stay married, that we'll discover our dream job and get to follow that career path where it takes us, that we'll survive whatever befalls us, that we won't get the flu, etc., etc.

    As someone who obviously prides himself on being an Atheist because you feel it is the rational belief, I'm just curious about how these other issues get sorted out. Your thoughts?